Auto-Digitizing Embroidery Software With Professional Design and Editing Tools

DRAWings® allows you to create professional quality embroidery designs faster than ever! Convert vector images to embroidery files, or convert bitmapped images to cross-stitch embroidery designs. DRAWings® has evolved to include its own built-in designer with tools that help you draw your ideas into 3D embroidery in real time, while the software interactively regenerates all embroidery parameters. The new “Scan to Embroidery” tool and built-in “Auto Tracer” give you even more ways to work with non-vector images.
Included with purchase of DRAWings®
  • DRAWings® installation cd
  • DRAWings® installation guide
  • USB security key (dongle)
  • Built-in User Manual
  • Free LIVE online interactive training
  • Free LIVE online support
  • Free unlimited toll-free phone support
DRAWings Embroidery Software Package
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DRAWings Embroidery SoftwareDRAWings can create professional quality embroidery designs quickly by converting vector images, bitmapped images, even photos, into embroidery designs. Includes 353 styles and 194 patterns which you can combine to create unique embroidery designs. New draw tools in this version allow you to create designs from scratch.   Toll Free Technical SupportToll Free Phone Support - Whether it's a quick question about how to perform a specific task, or detailed help with installing or registering the software, feel secure in knowing that you have unlimited technical support that's just a toll-free phone call away! Call 866-223-0376 Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CDT (Central), excluding major holidays.
Interactive Online SupportInteractive online technical support is easy and hassle-free! This is live interactive support with a software technician, not a pre-recorded session. The software technician will connect to your computer over the internet and you can actually watch him work on your computer!   Stock Designs3,000 Stock Designs are included with your installation package.

Convert Any Vector Image To Embroidery

Import a Vector design to DRAWings or create one from scratch and convert it to an embroidery design with a single click. You can then sew it out as-is, or make adjustments to many parameters, including stitch length, density, underlay and more.

Convert images to embroidery

Convert Text Art To Stitches

Create a Text Art design using any of the 1000 included fonts, then quickly convert it to an embroidery design.

Convert text art to embroidery

Modify Shapes Easily

Use the included shaping tools to change a vector design and re-embroider it. Available shaping tools include node editing, resize, mirror, weld, trim, intersect, simplify, blend, contour, envelope and more.

Change the shape of a vector design

Fill Designs With Six Different Stitch Types

Choose Satin, Piping, Step, Appliqué, Satin Serial or Running stitch types to fill your embroidery design.

Fill your design with 6 different stitch types

Hundreds of Styles and Patterns Included

Use Styles and Patterns to artistically fill shapes and create unique embroidery designs. 353 Styles and 194 Patterns are included. Combine styles and patterns for thousands of unique possibilities.

Fill your design with 6 different stitch types
Sample of Styles included
353 Styles Included
Sample of Patterns included
194 Patterns Included

Supports Multiple Appliqué

Place multiple appliqué on the fabric and embroider each with different holding stitches.

Multiple Applique

Convert Bitmap Images to Cross-Stitch Designs

Import any bitmap photo (jpg, bmp, tif) into DRAWings and automatically convert it to a beautiful cross-stitch design.

Convert Photos to Cross Stitch Designs

Export Simulated Image Proof

Export a bitmapped simulation as a jpg, bmp, tif or png to be used as a proof for your customers.

Export Simulated Embroidery

Automatic Color Matching With Popular Thread Brands

Select the thread color palette for the thread brand that you will use to sew out the design so you can work in DRAWings with the actual thread colors and numbers or names that you use.

Use Actual Thread Colors and Names