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Wings' XP Updates

  • Update to Version 5 For Windows 8 and 10 - Updates Version 4 or Version 5 to Version 5 Build 8508.
    (system requirements for Windows: Intel i5 processor or better, 6gb of ram, graphics card of at least 512mb and latest version of DirectX)

Wings' XP Training Disks

  • Version 5 Wings' XP Training Course of DVD-ROM - In-depth training disk for Wings' XP Embroidery Software Version 5. $19.95, includes shipping. Note: This training is included on the Wings' XP 5 installation disk. Also, this training is not applicable to DRAWings software.

Wings' XP Documentation

  • Version 2.5 Lettering - For all levels of Wings' XP : Getting started with Wings' XP Lettering, includes how to fit text to path, change text direction, sequencing text for hats and more.