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Level Description Price Options
Pilot Wings’ XP Pilot is the first level offering the ability to create your own pre-digitized fonts from True TypeŽ Fonts and edit these to suit your needs. You can also edit the 49 pre-digitized fonts that are included with this level. Pilot can import 12 different graphic file types, including gif, tif, bmp, jpg, and psd. $
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DRAWings The latest version of the ever-popular DRAWings Embroidery Software has even more tools to help you create embroidery designs faster and easier than ever. Includes a built-in scan to embroidery tool, trace tool, and many other time-saving tools. $
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Operator Operator is a powerful editing and digitizing package with the most commonly requested tools and features. Operator is ideal for anyone who needs lettering and auto-digitizing, with some manual digitizing tools and the highest embroidery stitch quality available. $
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Puncher Puncher contains all the features of Operator, plus advanced node editing and time-saving tools such as auto smoothing of uneven stitches and advanced stitch parameter controls. $
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Pro Pro is the ultimate in powerful embroidery software, and gives you full control over every aspect of the digitizing process, plus contains more tools and features to make every job as quick and easy as possible, including the ability to paste vector files as backdrops, merge styles or effects from different files, advanced photo-stitch options. $
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Font Pack Vol. 1 Wings' Font Pack Volume 1 includes 50 pre-digitized fonts. Once installed, these fonts can be used as keyboard fonts in any Wings' level software.
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$ 395.00
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