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Drawings® Pro XI Embroidery Digitizing Software

With its logical workflow and intuitive tools, Drawings Pro is an excellent choice for beginners to embroidery digitizing, yet still offers advanced editing tools that experienced digitizers will appreciate.

Drawings Pro converts vector artwork into embroidery files, and can export any of the most popular file formats, including .dst, .ngs, .pec, .pes, .sew and more. Starting with a photo or other bitmapped image? No problem! Drawings Pro includes tools such as auto-trace and photo-stitch to convert them into embroidery designs.

Complete Stitch Editor

DRAWings includes the ability to adjust every stitch in the design - move, delete, or insert a single stitch or multiple stitches.

Complete Stitch Editor
Over 200 Pre-Digitized Fonts Included

Over 200 Pre-Digitized Fonts Included

High quality fonts digitized by professionals for great lettering sew outs. Easily preview fonts during selection process.

Windows® and Mac® Compatible

Most professional digitizing packages are made for Windows® only, but Drawings Pro is fully compatible with Windows or Mac right out of the box. Mac users don't need to worry about dual boot, Parellels® or any other compatibility tricks - DRAWings is natively compatible with the latest Mac OS.

Compatible with Mac Computers
Convert Photos to Stitches

Convert Photos to Stitches

Photo Stitch and Paint Stitch wizards make it easy to convert any photo or other bitmapped image into an embroidery design by using patented advanced algorhithms. A good high resolution photo with good contrast can actually produce great results automatically.

Team Logos with Names Made Easy!

Import or create a team logo, add a list of names, and let Name Drop do the rest! Name Drop will create multiple embroidery designs, each with a different name from your list, ready to sew out one after the other.

Name Drop Creates Team Logos with Names
Gradient Fill Blends Thread Colors

Blended Thread Colors (Gradient Fill)

Blend two or more overlapping shapes with the Gradient Fill tool to create the effect of one color fading into another color. You control the gradient percentage and direction.

Automatically Create Floral Designs

Beautiful floral designs and fill areas can be created quickly and easily. You can even include your own flower designs to be used in the automatic floral creation. Easily combine the floral design with any other design.

Create Floral Designs Automatically
Curved Stitches

Create Designs with Curved Stitches

Add curve directions on step filled objects to give them a wavy look. The stitches then automatically follow the curvature of the direction, creating a texture that has a flowing curved look and feel.

Plenty of Embroidery Tools for More Control

From stitch type tools, to editing tools, to color tools, DRAWings PRO has everything you need to take control over the process of creating embroidery designs. Contact MESA for more information on this affordable, easy to learn, and easy to use embroidery software.

Tools for Embroidery Design
Design Browser

Design Browser to Easily Organize and Find Designs

The Design Browser can automatically search your computer to find all supported embroidery designs. Organize the designs the way you want them. Mark folders as favorites for faster access to them.

Supports All Popular Image File Types

DRAWings PRO XI has improved support for vector file types .ai, .eps, and .svg. Supported file types include:

Vector file formats:

  • Corel Graphics (*.CMX)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (*.EPS)
  • Enhanced windows metafile (*.EMF)
  • Scalable vector graphics (*.SVG)
  • Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)
  • AutoCAD (*.DXF)
  • Windows metafile (*.WMF)
  • HP GL file (.PLT)

Bitmap file formats:

  • Bitmap files (*.BMP,*.DIB,*.RLE)
  • Jpeg file (*.JPG, *JPEG, *JPE,*JFIF)
  • Gif file (*.GIF)
  • Tif file (*.TIF,*.TIFF)
  • Png file (*.PNG)
  • Icon file (*.ICO)
Bitmap files must be converted to vector before performing any stitch generation functions.
Supported Vector and Bitmap File Types
Bitmap images and photos

Minimum System Requirements

Please note that these are minimum requirements to run DRAWINGS PRO XI software. Better computer specs always results in better performance, especially more system RAM and better CPU and graphics processors.

CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Hard disk: 1.5 GB of free uncompressed space
Graphics card: 3D DirectX 9c accelerator with at least 1 GB RAM, 32-bit color (Windows only)
Monitor Resolution: 1366 x 768 32bpp
O/S: Windows 7, 8 or 10 with the latest Service Packs;
MacOS latest and previous version, compared to the release date of software
Ports: Available USB port for the USB Security key (where applicable).
Internet connection: Required
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