Wings' XP Puncher

Wings' XP Puncher embroidery software gives you full control over every aspect of the digitizing process, allowing you to offer faster turnarounds on top-quality digitizing. Loaded with time-saving tools such as auto smoothing of uneven stitches and advanced stitch parameter controls, Puncher has what you need to produce exceptional designs in less time.

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Included with purchase of Wings' XP Pilot

  • Internet-based software - easily transfer to another computer
  • Built-in User Manual
  • Free LIVE online interactive training
  • Free LIVE online support
  • Free unlimited toll-free phone support

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Wings' XP Puncher includes auto-smoothing of uneven stitches, advanced nodes editing, branching, and tons of other tools and features not found in lower levels, you can create more intricate embroidery designs in less time. Puncher is a perfect solution for the digitizing service that wants to offer the fastest turnarounds on top-quality digitizing.

Toll Free Phone Support - Whether it's a quick question about how to perform a specific task, or detailed help with installing or registering the software, feel secure in knowing that you have unlimited technical support that's just a toll-free phone call away! Call 800-330-3867 (Option 2) Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CDT (Central), excluding major holidays.

Interactive online technical support is easy and hassle-free! This is live interactive support with a software technician, not a pre-recorded session. The software technician will connect to your computer over the internet and you can actually watch him work on your computer!

Learn at your own pace with our online training videos and other resources at Mesa Training.

Wings' XP Puncher Features

Note: Highlighted features are not available in previous levels

  • Apply curved envelope to make curved stitches
  • Continuous design preview
  • Copy attributes from one object to other(s)
  • Right-click menu available even with multiple selections
  • Envelopes applied on shapes, stitches, or directions
  • 3D workspace
  • Apply 3D effect
  • Slow redraw - simulate sew-out
  • Docking toolbars
  • Sequence Manager shows Backrops icons
  • 3D visualization in 2D and Photorealistic mode showing thread twisting
  • Set light source and intensity
  • 3D realistic fabrics
  • Transparent rulers
  • Unicode font support
  • Apply 3D embroidery effect to any design
  • Customizable tool color schemes
  • Clear all transformations to return to original state
  • Digitize satin, zig-zag and piping by defining only the outline of the object
  • Auto digitize satin, zig-zag and piping and add directions and divides at the end
  • Auto smooth uneven stitches
  • Advanced stitch parameter controls
  • Advanced nodes editing with extra abilities
  • Step pattern editor
  • Digitize with branches
  • Convert between stitch types
  • Add sections to existing embroidery objects
  • Create borders automatically
  • Add special effects
  • Knife for splitting objects in stitch files
  • Reverse sewing direction
  • Easy 2-point copy of objects
  • Alignment abilities between objects
  • Auto density adjustments when resizing stitch designs.
  • Smooth stitch file outlines
  • Convert stitch design to outline designs
  • Convert step to satin for stitch designs
  • Multi design output & catalog
  • Print catalog
  • Random stitches
  • Running repeat offset
  • Satin serial offset control
  • Branches
  • Auto pilot while digitizing
  • Fill pattern editor
  • Transform-alignment
  • Variable pitch control
  • Closest point control
  • Spitz stitch control (corner compensation)
  • Satin fill /ceeding (auto-split)
  • Repeat
  • Customize the working area
  • Control the working area with image map toolbar
  • Use hot keys for quicker response and design creation
  • Insert comments to objects
  • Select/hide by objects
  • Select/hide by color
  • Select/hide by special functions
  • Show embroidering sequence
  • Re-order objects on sequence manager
  • Use guidelines while digitizing
  • Load, save color palette and background color
  • Use magnifier to view your design better
  • Send design with email
  • Convert vector artwork into editable embroidery designs
  • Convert .jpg or .bmp images to cross stitches
  • Add new text string to existing design
  • Add path
  • Adjustable Grid, Crosshair
  • Automatic density adjustment during size changes
  • Break Apart Text string
  • Bezier curves
  • Create new design (only text string)
  • Compensation for satin, step
  • Change step angle of text
  • Change text setting (typeface, text)
  • Change color, background color
  • Change Start and End of design
  • Change density, stitch length
  • Clipart tool to insert designs
  • Choose/change from full range of underlay stitches
  • Duplicate text string
  • Design Redraw
  • Envelope, Lettering in predefined shapes
  • Floating, dock-able tool bars
  • Full automatic corners (corner on/off)
  • Half pitch compensation
  • Name drop
  • Includes 49 pre-digitized fonts
  • Invert selection
  • Join Sections (to branches)
  • Reorder sequence of text string
  • Resize, Rotate, distort letters of text string
  • Ruler, Measure
  • Outline node editor
  • Online help
  • Advanced hot keys
  • Left, right, center and stretch justification
  • Lettering with automatic, adjustable kerning
  • Lettering with intelligent closest point connection
  • Lettering in line, arc, circle with rubber band
  • Load, save color palette
  • Show stitches
  • Show stitch and block Shadows
  • Show embroidery sequence
  • Shrink/Grow, stretch, rotate, slant, text using handles
  • Special Functions tool bar
  • Short/Long stitches
  • Sequence Manager display letters
  • Print with technical information
  • Print in catalogue presentation
  • Print preview
  • Place guideline by drag and drop
  • Punching tools options (to create text string)
  • Thread trim between letters
  • Temporarily hide rollups
  • Unlimited text string distortion
  • Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, unselect, select all
  • Move, delete, insert stitch
  • Movable entry, exit point of text string
  • Multi-line, multi-color text
  • Zooming tools

Slow Redraw lets you simulate the way the design will be embroidered by setting the speed of your machine, and can be used to calculate the length of time required to embroider the design.

slow redraw

Create stylish designs with the Circular Array tool - any change made on a single object is automatically applied to the entire array.

circular array

Rectangular Array gives you the ability to rotate and mirror the copies of the array without losing the ability to edit them. You can also create clones that will reflect transformations made to the source design.

rectangular array

The Weld Tool lets you weld two or more objects to create a new unique shape.

weld tool

The Trim Tool lets you reshape your designs by removing unwanted parts and is useful for creating new and unique shapes.

trim tool

By applying the Envelope Tool with a curved shape to the direction of the stitches you can curve the direction of the stitches.

Envelope Tool

Editing Tools

  • Trim objects and remove overlaps
  • Fill area with sequins
  • Weld two or more objects to create new unique shape
  • Circular array tool
  • Rectangular array / Kaleidoscope
  • Transform is activated when multiple nodes are selected
  • 3D look in node editor
  • Import these graphic file types: gif, tif, bmp, pcx, eps, ai, dxf, plt, jpeg, cmx, emf, psd
  • Backdrops / twain interface (scanner)
  • Straighten bitmap
  • Outline node editor
  • Join & break apart objects
  • Move outline
  • Erase outlines
  • Group / ungroup objects
  • Apply functions to multiple objects at once
  • Make arrays of your designs
  • Move, rotate and scale the designs
  • Merge object design

Digitizing Options

  • Convert font symbols to perfect embroidery stitches
  • Automatically convert images to embroidery
  • Adjust Bezier curves during digitizing
  • Automatically convert image to photostitch
  • Click and drag mouse to input direction
  • Font creator and editor
  • Insert shape (circle, box, ellipse, polygon, etc.)
  • Use ole-2 technology to incorporate CorelDRAW® tools in digitizing
  • Add new object to end
  • Auto-branches
  • Snapping on/off

Available stitch types and stitch parameters

Satin stitch type parameters

  • Set the percentage of random width of stitches
  • Specify the side that the random width will be applied
  • Specify how the pattern will be applied on satin objects
  • Change the length of pattern
  • Balance density sensitivity with variable pitch
  • Make high quality corners with spitz stitch
  • Add closest point connection between objects
  • Adjust density
  • Choose underlay
  • Add / remove fix/lock
  • Enable / disable corners
  • Increase / decrease compensation
  • Add short/long technique
  • Add half-pitch compensation

Step stitch type parameters

  • Adjust density
  • Choose underlay
  • Add / remove fix/lock
  • Change stitch length
  • Increase / decrease compensation

Piping stitch type parameters

  • Adjust density
  • Add / remove fix/lock
  • Change stitch length

Zig-zag stitch type parameters

  • Improved zig zag stitches
  • Adjust density
  • Choose underlay
  • Add / remove fix/lock
  • Enable and disable corners
  • Increase and decrease width of stitches
  • Add short and long technique
  • Add half-pitch compensation

Satin serial stitch type parameters

  • Add offset
  • Set the percentage of random width of stitches
  • Specify the side that the random width will be applied
  • Specify how the pattern will be applied on satin serial objects
  • Change the length of pattern
  • Balance density sensitivity with variable pitch
  • Make high quality corners with spitz stitch
  • Add closest point connection between objects
  • Adjust density
  • Choose underlay
  • Add / remove fix/lock
  • Enable / disable corners
  • Increase / decrease width of stitches
  • Add short/long technique
  • Add half-pitch compensation
  • Generate as zig-zag serial

Running stitch type parameters

  • Add offset in running
  • Specify the times you want running to be repeated
  • Set running to be embroidered with random length
  • Add closest point connection between objects
  • Change stitch length
  • Add / remove fix/lock
  • Place sequins on the design
  • Change sequins holding technique
  • Define the number of sequins you want to skip

Manual stitch type parameters

  • Change stitch maximum length

Cross-stitch stitch type parameters

  • Specify the number of repeats
  • Enable short / long stitches
  • Add closest point connection between objects
  • Define cell width of crosses
  • Define cell height of crosses
  • Add / remove fix/lock stitches

Photo-stitch stitch type parameters

  • Photo stitch with CMYK (4 colors)
  • Change photo-stitch width
  • Change photo-stitch density

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